Marty Frye, Private Eye
This beloved book is soon to be a series, coming Summer 2017. The original book is getting an updated reboot with two brand new books right behind it.  Help Marty solve crimes while you laugh at his rhymes. martyfrye martyfrye2   Marty Frye is not your ordinary private eye. Marty Frye is “the poet detective”–he solves petty crimes by turning rhymes. In the course of a busy day, Marty tracks down his friend Emma’s lost diary, finds a box of toys missing from Mr. Lipsky’s store; and locates a bag of disappearing flour for his little sister, Katie. Although he hits some dead ends along the way, Marty Frye combines his three favorite hobbies–sleuthing, rhyming, and climbing trees–and leaves no case unsolved or unrhymed. Three short stories with clear, simple sentences make this charming easy-reader an ideal stepping-stone to longer chapter books. Laurie Keller’s quirky illustrations capture the spirit of Janet Tashjian’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Young readers will be off in search of a rhyme in no time.

Accelerated Reader Rating: 3.0


Grade 1-3-A beginning chapter book that features a seven-year-old poet detective who rhymes his way through each problem (usually a miscommunication, never any foul play) to a solution. This gimmick, while clever, is also a flaw as it creates some forced dialogue. Marty's rhyming comments "I'll be brief. Are you the thief?" and "I've hit some dead ends, I hope we're still friends" make the reading tedious and a tad confusing at times. The characters are drawn broadly both by the author and illustrator. Black-and-white cartoon illustrations dance merrily through the pages adding flavor to the madcap escapades. Despite its limitations, this briskly paced, action-packed title will serve those readers making the leap from picture to chapter books. Jane Claes, T. J. Lee Elementary School, Irving, TX