Vote for Larry
After becoming what he so clearly and strongly resisted—a consumer—Josh Swensen finds himself in a paranoid state of no return. That is, until he’s kidnapped and coaxed into resurfacing as Larry, his old activist persona. Before long, Larry is back on the scene with much more on his mind than anti-consumerism—this time, he wants to affect change in government. And Larry isn’t taking a conventional path or starting small in local government. He just doesn’t do things halfway. But can he really become an eighteen-year-old president of the United States? Even if he can, is he sure he really wants to?

Accelerated Reader Rating: 5.8


"A clever, inspiring sequel..Josh's narration moves swiftly, and the topical yet universal themes make this book even more compelling than the first...a resource list in the back will provide plenty of fuel for those motivated by the hero's call to action." -Publisher's Weekly, Starred Review "Once again, Tashjian manages to take a fairly unbelievable premise and make it seem more than fairly believable. The fast-paced story and Josh's witty narration (he still loves footnotes) will keep readers hooked -- and if they get out and vote when they're eighteen, Larry will have won." -The Horn Book "Vote for Larry is a crash course in the rough and tumble world of national politics and teen readers will get a taste of just what it takes in idealism and courage to achieve such goals." - Bookpage

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