Tru Confessions
Wish #1: To have my own television show. Wish #2: For Eddie to be un-handicapped. (Eddie is my twin Brother.) Wish #3: I don’t really want anything else this year (except maybe to go out with Billy Meier). Do wishes really come true? When Trudy Walker sees the ad from the local cable station, she truly believes they do. The station is looking to air demo tapes of shows created by and for teens. This could be Tru’s big Break! But lately Tru is distracted by Wish #2. She spends hours researching cures for Eddie online and filming his daily routine. If Tru becomes a star—if she just grows up—will she outgrow Eddie? Can she pursue her dreams and still be true to herself? Or is it all just wishful thinking?

Accelerated Reader Rating: 5.4


"Neither flippant not angelic, this promising first novel strikes a refreshingly honest tone. Readers will laugh their way through Tru's poignant and clever take on everyday life." -Publishers Weekly, Starred Review "This warm, funny debut has well-developed characters and a fast-moving plot." -Kirkus Reviews "The story is a good mix of well-handled subject matter and reader appeal." -Booklist

A New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age A Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book A Massachusetts Children's Book Award Master List Nominee Women's National Book Association Honor Book

Teacher Resources
Tru Confessions has been used in many school-wide reads dealing with inclusion, mainstreaming, compassion, and special needs.  It is a favorite of siblings of special needs children.