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Janet Tashjian

About Janet

Janet Tashjian

You only can learn so much from a bio.  It’s like getting to know a character in a book — would you rather know where she graduated from college or watch her eat an artichoke at a dinner party? My money says you’ll discover more about her by watching her fumble with the tiny fork and the vegetable. Rather than bore you with the facts and figures, I think it’s more fun to put together a quick character sketch of this Janet Tashjian. 

Some tidbits:

  • Love the beach.
  • Hate crowds (I still weasel my way to the front at every concert I go to.)
  • Love eating healthy food.
  • Hate people who talk on cell phones in public places.
  • Love jumping up and down and laughing.
  • Hate pulling ticks off dogs.
  • Love sitting in the woods and just listening.

Would I be a well-drawn character in a novel yet?  Need more?

  • Hate anything resembling a strip mall.
  • Love my ratty green sweater.
  • Hate to exercise yet love yoga.
  • Love to cook!
  • My son and I get so silly sometimes, people think we’re on our own planet. (We often are.)

Oh, and as far as the artichoke goes … although I’m a giant vegetable lover, you’d never catch me trying to eat an artichoke at a dinner party … I’m much too uncoordinated for that.