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I feel like Tru from the Disney channel movie Tru Confessions, except this is my actual life..
I really can't believe Tru Confessions is on the firestick, omg... I could cry!
Tru confessions was better than I expected it to mean the title made it sound boring
@bambieyedd Tru confessions
RT @90spideypool: Tru Confessions (2002) this movie follows a girl's video diary as her twin brother has autism. a very emotional movie. ht…
n new superhero series by PT Evans and Illustrated by Jake Tashjian.
age 14: reading for fun and looking forward to my life as a cartoonist age 18: buying my own cigarettes also life has no purpose or value
Shia Labouf should've won an oscar for Tru Confessions!
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