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@livorleave Tru confessions
RT @CRainsWriter: 3 of 5 stars to My Life as a Gamer by Janet Tashjian
3 of 5 stars to My Life as a Gamer by Janet Tashjian
RT @hopglopperz: anyone besides me remember the DCOM "Tru Confessions"??
RT @hemlockspidey: Tru Confessions (2002) this movie follows a girl's video diary as her twin brother has autism. a very emotional movie. h…
Top Ten DCOMs, inspired by @carley_marissa : 1. Tru Confessions 2. Kim Possible: a Sitch in Time 3. Get a Clue 4.…
@carley_marissa also why is tru confessions not on this list?!?!?!
@ChannelAwesome Love this one! Such a classic. I hope y’all do/enjoy Tru Confessions! Or at least Don’t Look Under the Bed. Those are gold.
@ChannelAwesome Is Tru Confessions next?
@ChannelAwesome I am disturbed by the lack of Color of Friendship and Tru Confessions.
Tru confessions Wednesday night
Da sempre appassionata di scrittura, Janet Tashjian è ormai da anni un’affermata scrittrice per ragazzi, capace di…
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