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@StevieSoFetch_ Same here! Tru confessions is underrated !!!!
@DianaDzhaketov Tru Confessions
was anyone else emotionally traumatized by 'tru confessions' as a child?
@SaMoRaAli tru confessions.
@TheReelAnderson @thecampaignbook - Tru Confessions
@AdvisorMelody Tru Confessions was my fucking favorite... I also loved the other me a lot and the color of friendship
@badtakesbg Omg I forgot about Quints! I've been wanting to watching Don't Look under the Bed for years! Also,…
@ntbcpastor Haha no way!! My list: 1) Brink 2) Johnny Tsunami 3) The Luck of the Irish 4) Alley Cat Strike 5) Jett…
I went to a Workshop 2.0 meeting at Janet Tashjian's house in Studio City which she is renting till July 1st. Then…
@melyboo28 I love SusieQ. I can't find this movie anywhere. I want to see it, but it's like it's vanished into thin…
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