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@NuanceBro Maybe to give more options: Going To The Mat Horse Sense Miracle in Lane 2 Motocrossed Tru Confessions…
I remember being like 10 watching tru confessions on Disney and this movie made me cry 😢
LOL just thinking about Tru Confessions actually made my eyes water up. Shia LaBeouf man, damn
i haven't cried this much since i watched Tru Confessions when i was younger.
@BreeyaBadass tru confessions! i was watching another movie w him just now and it made me think of it, i had to google lmao
remembering the time Shia LaBeouf played a severely autistic child in a Disney channel movie. Tru Confessions - L…
@EllisInRealLife for a second I thought tru confessions was one of the choices and I thought I missed it. such an underrated movie
If Tru Confessions isn't your top two, delete me NOW.
@valkyriejanes How can you disrespect Tru Confessions like that?
Is The Peanut Butter Falcon (2019) Shia LaBeouf's attempt at reparations for Disney Channel's Tru Confessions (2002) ??
@oilslickshimmer Omg tru confessions
@nicvargus How funny! I couldn't stand him in that role but he's impressed me in many different performances after…
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