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@Taeler_Hendrix Everyone’s out here talking about big name, big budget movies while I’m over here like “The DCOM Tr…
@DishingDisney @FGCPodcast Oh I thought you means Disney movies like on the Disney channel! I was gonna say: 1. Luc…
this tweet reminds me good old Shia had his humble beginnings in Even Stevens and Tru Confessions and now i'm all e…
@Adna_xoxo tru confessions with Shia Lebouf!
@_alexismarie24 @nitzbluv Tru Confessions!
Meet the author assembly at CJ Morris. Students meet Janet Tashjian. #cjmorris5thgraders
Apparently I’m the only one who remembers Tru Confessions. Which makes me feel like I have a special bond with Shia LaBeouf
My Life as a Youtuber (The My Life series) Janet Tashjian #amreading #blogging #lovebooks #Knowledge
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