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@yanataughtyou Lol you right! I was looking at Tru Confessions, I’d stopped watching the original movies by then.
@Clutch_D_RockA @c_donny_g My 5 were Brink Johnny Tsunami Rip Girls Halloween Town and Tru Confessions.
No DCOM movie has ever made me cry more than Tru Confessions
@nylon_high tru confessions
Tru Confessions is the first movie to ever make me cry.😪
Tru confessions always made me cry. Take me back!!
@InHollywoodland Have you ever watched "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" or the Disney film "Tru Confessions"? H…
Some of y’all never cried watching Shia LaBeouf get lost in the library in Tru Confessions and it shows
Our group used to play Tru Confessions and it used to go tf down 😭
Zenon, Brink, Tru Confessions, phantom of the megaplex, The color of friendship 🥰 SO MANY GREAT MOVIES. My childhoo…
Remember that scene from Tru Confessions in the library when, Shia LeBeouf’s character said, “I wanna be done being…
@kailah_casillas Y’all realize she said Disney ORIGINAL movies????? The ones on Disney Channel??? Also, Tru Confess…
@_Queen_Alli_ Dude. I was thinking about Brink recently too!! Did you ever see Tru Confessions? I feel like NO ON…
Who here remembers Tru Confessions and The Color of Friendship Disney Channel Movies? They talked about racism, dis…
@DaniellePanizzi Tru confessions
RT @paulcherry69: Top five favorite DCOMs: 5. Tru Confessions 4. Luck of the Irish 3. Smart House 2. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century 1. Bri…
RT @keeonnnaa: Tru Confessions was one of the realest movies on Disney
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