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@Polkque @AceDeductions tru confessions..................................................... i never liked utena *exiles myself from life*
@zblay Couldn't watch TRU CONFESSIONS all the way through after the first time because he was so good that I'd always cry and have to stop.
Tru Confessions was the first and maybe only disney channel movie to make me cry uncontrollably.
Tru Confessions (2002) - YouTube
@clarkegriffins_ Tru Confessions: Chianne's Story
My mom: "I'm 50 years old and playing neopets" Tru confessions of the martin family
or TRU CONFESSIONS NO ONE REMEMBERS TRU CONFESSIONS where shia labeouf plays an autistic boy and it's all about family life and growing up
Tru Confessions (2002) is Shia Labeouf's best acting in a film.
Tru Confessions will always be one of my top favorite movies. Bless Shia's acting that makes me bawl like a baby.
Tru Confessions [Ful| movie] [HD]
Tru Confessions was good though lol
RT @Bennie_Sav: Facts... been the realest since "Tru Confessions" 😭
Facts... been the realest since "Tru Confessions" 😭
I thought it was tru confessions when she said, "I want u"..
I honestly can't believe no one has seen Tru Confessions with @thecampaignbook
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