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I told Greg spitting in hats was a common prank. He didn’t believe me. Turns out it’s not a common prank, I was jus…
@ungodIyluna Tru confessions and Lemonade mouth!
@Lauren_A_Landa I remember really liking Tru Confessions when I saw it, but I remember very little about it now
Remember the movie Tru Confessions
If you don’t actively sob over the movie Tru Confessions, we can’t be friends.
Y’all remember that Disney movie “Tru Confessions” where Shia Lebouf played Christie Carlson Romano mentally disabl…
Tru Confessions is 100% in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. 😭
@_CaptJack To this day, I'm still obsessed with "It Takes Two". I watch it like once a month. & Tru Confessions.…
Okay but can we talk about how amazing 16-year old Shai LaBeouf had to be to play and autistic person so effectivel…
Who TF told me to watch Tru Confessions?! I’ve never seen it and came across it… y’all…. Shia got my eyes sweating 😭😭
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